a writer of horror and speculative fiction //

Simon J. Plant is an Aussie expat short-story writer and ballet dancer who lives in New York City with his husband, cat and dog. When he's not performing you'll find him writing something or overwatering houseplants and procrastinating about writing something, or drinking gin. He gleans inspiration from such legends of the horror genre as Stephen King, Shirley Jackson, Ira Levin, Ray Bradbury, Ray Russell, Richard Matheson, Joyce Carrol Oates, and Neil Gaiman (to name a few). 

Simon was born in Sydney, Australia in 1993 before carving out a niche for himself as a professional contemporary ballet dancer. Now he hopes to publish a novel—or many. His work has appeared in anthologies by Red Cape Publishing, Black Hare Press, Not A Pipe Publishing Publishing, and others. 


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Occasionally you might find him crawling from his shell to visit Instagram: @mrplantofficial