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a writer of horror and speculative fiction //

Simon J. Plant is an Aussie expat short-story writer and ballet dancer based in Cincinnati, Ohio. When he's not performing with Cincinnati Ballet, he's usually vacillating between synonyms or self-consciously reading drafts aloud. He has a soft spot for The Twilight Zone, supposedly haunted places, trashy tv shows about UFOs, and anything Stephen King has ever put to paper.

Simon was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1993 and eventually carved out a niche for himself as a professional ballet dancer. A graduate of the Australian Ballet School, he spent two years as a member of the Australian Ballet Company, the place where he met his husband, Matt, and learned the true value in taking chances in life. He immigrated to the United States with his husband in 2017 and joined Complexions Contemporary Ballet. Five years later, he accepted a position with Cincinnati Ballet and proudly relocated to the Midwest.


His work has appeared in anthologies and / or magazines by Not a Pipe Publishing, The Writer Shed, DarkLit Press, Red Cape Publishing, Hiraeth, and others.


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