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The Matter of Dreams

Brilliant Flash Fiction March 2022 | Brilliant Flash Fiction

After terrorizing his sister with the topic of dreams, a young boy gets a taste of his own medicine

Daddy Devil

Hell: a 500 word anthology | Black Hare Press

An excerpt of short story Daddy Devil can be found in this 500 word fiction anthology by Black Hare Press

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Slice of Paradise: A Beach Vacation Horror Anthology | DarkLit Press

In 'Honeymoon,' two lovers at a tropical island resort uncover a truth they’re not ready to accept, and perhaps never will be.  

Grapes of a Poisoned Vine

Haunted: An Anthology | Specul8 Publishing

.A boy is confronted by a vagrant claiming to be his mother
.Her conviction is so strong it bypasses the laws of reality

“Grapes of a Poisoned Vine” can be found in Haunted: An Anthology from Australia’s own Specul8 Publishing 

Haunted - An Anthology


Archive of the Odd Vol. 1 | Archive of the Odd

Prior to her disappearance, a young woman begins writing a diary. When her diary is discovered fifteen years later it reveals the strange story of what happened to her, and in the process threatens the security of a mysterious outfit known as “The Agency.” 

"Skipping" is featured in the first issue of Archival of the Odd from Editor-in-Chief Cormack Baldwin.


Writer Shed Press Vol. 3: Second Thoughts | Writer Shed Press

A detour finds two men paying for gas in a backwater town from which only one will leave with his life. The short story "Otto" is featured in Writer Shed Stories, Vol 3: Second Thoughts, the annual journal of prose and poetry from Writer Shed Press  

Second Thoughts.png

Escape from the House in the Woods

666: Dark Drabbles | Black Hare Press

Bite-size horror anthology

My Imaginary Friend Is 400 Years Old
Autopsy for the Damned
Two Cops V The Night Crawlers
Sacrificial Lamb

Legends of Night I: BLOODLUST | Black Inc Fiction

An anthology of drabbles 


Ladies Who Lunch,
View from the Wonder Wheel,
Reapin' Season, &
Pull the plug

Legends of Night II: INFECTION | Black Inc Fiction

An anthology of drabbles 

Unusual Appendage

Tabula Rasa | Monath Books

Renowned fashion designer Doris Ann shuns her family’s tradition of secrecy and reveals her truth on the runway. "Unusual Appendage" is a short story featured in Tabula Rasa, an anthology: “Tabula Rasa is the theory that humans are born without preconceived notions or built-in mental content. In a more philosophical sense, it represents a clean slate.” —Monath Books

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Go West

The Fifth Di… | Hiraeth Books

Plant's dystopian short story "Go West" appeared in the June 2021 issue of The Fifth Di… magazine of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

 I Hate Snow 

TDR Daily | The Dillydoun Review

As a snow storm approaches, the origin of a man’s phobia comes back to haunt him. "I Hate Snow" saw publication on The Dillydoun Review Daily, an online literary journal that publishes prose and poetry  

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Checking Out

Denial Kills | Not a Pipe Publishing

Facing reality might mean accepting the true state of her marriage, which is something Marsha simply cannot do.
Find "Checking Out" in Denial Kills, an anthology of poetry and short fiction edited by Viveca Shearin, Zack Dye, and Benjamin Gorman from Not a Pipe Publishing.



Deep Space Volume 2 | Black Hare Press

Three astronauts scour the foreign landscape of an alien world
.on a search for alien life. Unfortunately for them, they find it

The space thriller "Planet9" is featured in Deep Space Volume 2: An Adventure into Science Fiction, from Australian's Black Hare Press

Deep Space V.2.png
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Daddy Devil

New Tales of Old | Raven & Drake Publishing

Plant's short story "Daddy Devil" is just one in this mammoth anthology featuring more than 70 short stories inspired by old tales, from the the Brother's Grimm to Greek and Norse mythology

Mermaid Lake
Close Call on Troll

Beware the Gingerbread House
Fool's the Peasant to've Loved a Queer  Prince 
Old Men and their Tall Tales

Lost Lore and Legends | Breaking Rules Publishing

Bite-sized horror anthology, stories told in 100 words

Lost Lore and Legends _ Breaking Rules Publishing Europe.jpg
APRIL HORRORS- A 100 word horror collection _ Raven & Drake Publishing.jpg

Immolation after phys. ed
The Boy Who Cried Drugs
Death by TicTok
Lawnmower Incident
Naughty Boys don't get Birthday Presents

April Horrors: A 100 Word Anthology | Raven & Drake Publishing

Short (but deadly) stories about April Fools pranks going terribly wrong

We Don't Discuss the Monster in the Second Bedroom

A-Z of Horror: H is for Hell | Red Cape Publishing

A young woman rents a room in the home of a secretive married couple only to realize she’s not the only outsider there. "We Don't Discuss the Monster in the Second Bedroom" is featured in H is for Hell, the eighth book in the A-Z of Horror series

"… the brilliantly titled [WDDMSB] deals with the idea of grief and loss, again taking the idea of the Gothic home and turning it on its head. It's another 'modern day meets the past' story, and tackles the idea of hell in a much more abstract, but no less engaging way."  

—Robert Welbourn, Horrified Magazine 

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